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Here you will find beautiful background tracks for the young performer. In our search for karaoke style music with a positive message, we found there was something missing.

Our composers have taken great care to fill that void and provide music that is in a singable key and yet fun and challenging. These tracks have been used at talent shows and recitals. Music teachers have reported that instead of accompanying their young vocalist, they can play the background tracks and sit back and enjoy their students as they perform.

These songs have been used successfully by home school parents when they have “in home” recitals and holiday programs. We are positive that any adult who is organizing programs where young people are performing, will find the tracks fun, interesting and even educational.

Children were used to record the vocal demonstration tracks and we have found that this makes it much easier for the beginner to emulate.

Simply play the tracks while traveling in the car, or let the child listen in their own bedroom. You will quickly see and hear results! Listen to one of our songs: This little light of mine / We have this light.


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